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  • Corporate Healthy Meals Delivery

    Packaged Ready to Eat Meals

    HouseCook offers gourmet prepackaged meals, ready-to-eat with freshness sealed in for a convenient and delicious culinary experience.

  • Grab and Go

    HouseCook offers a diverse selection of 'Grab and Go' packaged meals and freshly baked goods, including convenient grab-and-go options, crafted with high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

  • Corporate Catering

    HouseCook specializes in corporate catering, delivering gourmet meals tailored for professional settings, ensuring both taste and presentation elevate business events and meetings.

  • Baked Goods

    HouseCook provides diverse array of scrumptious baked goods, featuring our flavorful Jamaican patties, a crowd favorite, alongside a variety of other delectable bakery items to satisfy every palate.

  • Frozen Meals and Snacks

    HouseCook's frozen meals and snacks combine convenience with gourmet quality, offering a diverse range of delicious options that retain their freshness and flavor until you're ready to enjoy.

  • Food Item Sourcing

    HouseCook excels in Food Item Sourcing, meticulously procuring the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers, ensuring both premium quality and value in every culinary offering.

Maryam Asmat - HouseCook

Women Founded

In 2019, Maryam Asmat founded HouseCook to fill a gap in the corporate food market by providing businesses with affordable, gourmet homestyle cuisine. Over time, she expanded the company's offerings to include wholesale food distribution, creating a one-stop solution for clients' food needs. Today, HouseCook is a testament to Maryam's dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, serving a wide range of clients including Corporate Clients, Healthcare, Assisted Facilities, Educational Facilities, Non-Profits, Restaurants, and Cafes. The company remains committed to empowering businesses and individuals with high-quality, affordable, and delicious food options.

About Us
  • Canada TTC
  • HSBC
  • CHATS Community & Home Assistance to Seniors
  • PowerTek
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  • Serving Meals to York Regional Police

    Serving Meals to York Regional Police

  • Catering for Corporate Charity Events

    Catering for Corporate Charity Events

  • Sponsored the Run for NewMarket

    Sponsored the Run for NewMarket